Atteridgeville Orphanage Toy Drive


We heard about the astonishing work Susan was achieving at the orphanage in fostering abused, homeless, abandoned girls in providing and creating a loving home.

There is a real sense of belonging at the home and although the girls are not blood related, it sure did feel like they were all sisters, protecting and taking responsibility for each other, much like a true family.

As the excitement and cheer rose for Christmas, days were spent wrapping huge stacks of presents that would make even Santa proud!

We were welcomed to friendly, warm faces and with a song and dance that most certainly was unexpected and incredibly compelling.

The experience was truly an incredible and reflecting experience as so many of us are so lost in our own worlds, sometimes oblivious to who and what is around us that we lose track of everything, sometimes taking our loved ones for granted.

And it is only when we look back do we realize what we have lost.

Thank you Susan for allowing us into your home and teaching us a life lesson of note – the love you offer for each other and life, truly shines through the amazing people that you are.