Fuel for Change – iPad Learning 1



Fuel For Change, is an initiative that seeks to empower children in disadvantaged schools by using technology to bridge gaps in their education giving the Grade 2 learners at Emfundisweni Primary School (Alexander) access to iPad technology to help improve their numeracy and literacy abilities.

We as Human Doings, are committed to bringing positive change to disadvantaged communities and with the introduction of Mimecast Limited (NASDAQ: MIME) a leading email and data security company as our partner, we were able to empower teachers and learners by giving them access to the world’s most advanced educational technology and classroom practices.

Despite the strides South Africa is taking to address early childhood education, disparities between well and poorly funded schools means that many children never learn the skills necessary to elevate their quality of life. Fuel for Change intends to overcome this barrier by using the power of technology. The iPads provided to the teachers are pre-loaded with curriculum-aligned literacy and numeracy software, designed to accelerate learning, and teachers attend regular workshops designed to help support them use this new technology in their classrooms.

“As a future-focused organisation, we wanted to not only give disadvantaged youth access to the tools that are evolving our way of working, but we wanted them to engage with this technology in a way that will educate and give them enhanced sets,” says Brandon Bekker, managing director of Mimecast Middle East and Africa.

“Community is an important word for Mimecast and is often used in conjunction with empowering our customers and channel partners. Social community empowerment is something that has always formed part of our company’s culture and DNA, but embarking on this journey with Human Doings and launching the Fuel for Change initiative is a more focused approach to this avenue of community-centricity.”

“We have been working with disadvantaged communities for many years and are thrilled to be launching the Fuel for Change initiative with Mimecast. iPads aren’t just exciting for the learners, but the touch screens help them develop fine motor skills, such as hand-eye coordination,” says Ashley Padayachy from Human Doings. “It also allows our learners to have new experiences that give immediate, constructive feedback, and helps with language and cognitive skills.”