Kalafong Children’s Ward Toy Drive


We wanted to bring the joyous festivities of Christmas to the hearts and minds of the children at Kalafong Children’s Ward because we believe that all children should have the opportunity to celebrate the seasons offerings and really soak up what the spirit of Christmas has to offer.

For many children at the ward the vision of Christmas mornings, opening gifts, enjoying fresh baked cookies, and the spirit and love of the season seemed difficult to believe but hopefully we shed some light and love with them on that special day.

Our aim was to bring joy to the children through a special day of gifting, sharing a Christmas meal and of course some sweets and candy!

We spent the day interacting and bonding with the children and while the experience was bitter sweet, these children exuded strength and courage which was truly inspirational.

Cautious curiosity, attentive looks and careful smiles were turned into huge smiles, laughter, hugs and true connections that livened the atmosphere and bought the spirit of Christmas into the real hearts of the Ward.

Our intention of creating a bigger, brighter picture of the awesome festive season, the new year that is loaded with fun-filled sugar candy dreams and the exciting potential that we found in each and every face there was definitely achieved.